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Do you currently have a water leak in or around your home outside?

Water leaks can sometimes lead into something more serious and could require immediate attention from a licensed plumber.

Typically the cause of a water leak around your home has to do with a supply line pipe (or drain pipe) thats running through your home’s concrete slab floor under your home breaks or cracks. The water leak is typically under the slab. There are many factors that can cause a slab leak in your home. A few of the most comment are corrosion, a shift in the slab that could cause the pipe break (typically from weather and soil), typical wear and tear on the pipes or water pressure that’s high.

But how do I know If thats what I have?

Can you give me more things to look for?

Here are few signs that could validate this issue. The sound of running water even when things are turned off, your meter is spinning when no running water, cracks inside or outside your home along the walls, the smell or mildew moisture in your home and an abnormally high water bill.

Again these are common signs of a possible slab leak that needs to be repair but we’d recommend first contacting a licensed plumber to help you evaluate and determine exactly the issue you are having.

We offer a leak locate plumbing service in Mesquite that if we determine it’s a possible slab leak this will help us determine exactly where it’s at.

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What If I determine 100% it’s a slab leak! What do I do?

When it comes to repair there are typically 3 options for fixing this issue: Re-pipping, pipe re-routing or pipe relining.

Re-pipping I used typically in multiple leak locations that are found. Typically this involves the cutting or breaking of your floor to reach the area.

Pipe Re-routing – This option is running new pipe above ground but best for short lengths.

Pipe Relining – Depending on the size a brand new liner can be used through a broken pipe to seal and cover previous leaks.

Homeowner policies typically do not cover this type of repair. Check with your policy for details. We are very skilled in locating and fixing slab leak repairs. Our teams is licensed and issued and can help you determine if this is your issue. If you are located in Mesquite, TX or surround areas and think you might have this issue. Give us a call today for a free plumbing estimate. 

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